Budget family travel Tips



Going on a family holiday doesn’t have to put too much strain on your budget – especially if you take heed of these money saving tips! You’ll be surprised by how far your money can take you.

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Sunbathing – How can you avoid sun damage?


Most of us love being outside in the summertime. Sunshine not only makes everything look better, it makes us feel good too.

But ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sunlight can damage the cells in your body.

You should do everything you can to avoid getting burnt by the sun.

This is because over time small amounts of sunburn damage can build up, which may lead to the development of skin cancer or melanoma.
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Alcohol and air travel: A dangerous mix?


For many people having a drink at the airport or on the plane is just part of getting into the holiday spirit, but police and airlines are warning that overindulging could have consequences.

Should airlines put a limit on the number of drinks passengers can consume in flight?

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Britons miss out on £296 million in travel tax rebates

How to claim your money back

Just one in 14 people have reclaimed the tax in the last two years, according to research by Direct Line Travel Insurance.

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Currency Buy Back Information Video

Watch our video on why the Banks, post Office, Airports and money Changers rip you off and why you should use our services.

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Watch our short trailer on Sell Us Your Curreny and get the whole message on why you get the best currency exchange rate with us in just 27 seconds!!


Best Online Currency Converters

Watch our short video on how to get the best currency converters online. Its only a few minutes long and helps ensure you know how to get the very best rate for your foreign exchange.

The Best Euro Converters for Best Buy Back Rates

The Best Euro Converters for Best Buy Back Rates

How To Check You Are Getting Value for Money

Finding a good Euro Converter that will give you the mid market rate is critical when making a decision to buy back or sell a certain currency. Here we highlight the top ones to use for this purpose.

Recommendation 1: XE.com – http://www.xe.com/ucc/
This is my personal favorite and I have been using XE for over ten years now on my travels. I almost always start here because it’s accurate, it uses the live mid market rate and it’s easy to remember.

My Favorite Currency Converter for Mid Market Rates

Recommendation 2: MoneyCorp – http://www2.moneycorp.com/telegraphmoney/
This currency converter is also a good shout. It’s professional, easy to use and is also accurate.

Recommendation 3: Expedia.com – http://www.expedia.co.uk/p/currency-converter
Well known travel site Expedia also has an easy to use converter that will give you an accurate mid market rate.

It’s important to note that these will give the mid market rate and not the Sell and Buy rates offered by most money changers.

Whenever a ‘Sell Rate’ is quoted this is the rate the money changer will SELL YOU that currency for one unit of the home currency. For example, a sell rate for Euros of 1.1945 means that £1 GBP will get you 1.1945 Euros.

The BUY RATE on the other hand is how much (expressed in £GBP) they will BUY Euros from you. For example a SELL RATE of 1.3319 means that 1.3319 Euros = £1GBP. In other words the BUY RATE is the BUY BACK RATE for Euros (in this example) and to calculate this you need to divide the amount of Euros by 1.3319. In this example you will get back only £75 for 100 Euros.

Many people get confused over this thinking that 1.3319 is a higher amount so it’s a better rate – in fact the opposite is true. A simple way to remember this is always BUY HIGH, SELL LOW, in other words, the lower the money changers ‘Sell rate’, the better.

The Round Trip Test
A good way to check whether you are getting value for money is to work out how much of a certain currency you can get for your money. Then take that figure and work out how much of your home currency you would get back if you exchanged it straight back to your home currency, a round trip currency transaction.

No1 Currency Screenshot as of 13th December 2013:
No1 Currency Buy Back Rates

See the Round Trip example below using rates from No1 Currency site as of 13th December:

Exchange rate at 13th December 2013 for Euros – Buy Rate: 1.3379, Sell Rate: 1.1945

1. I have £100 and I want to buy Euros so I use their Sell Rate of 1.1945 which means I get 119.45 Euros back
2. Now, say I changed my mind and no longer want Euros, so I want to sell my Euros back to No1 Currency. I take my 119.45 Euros and using their Buy Rate of 1.3379 I get back £89.28

In other words I just GAVE AWAY £10.72 of my £100 just for changing currency.

No1 Currency are by no means the worst on the market believe me, but even so a spread of almost 10% is a lot of money for just changing your currency. Some traders will leave you over 20% out of pocket using the round trip test. Try them out using the Round Trip test and see for yourself. Imagine your work abroad and get paid in foreign currency, this would soon amount to hundred of pounds you are just throwing away.

I hope that helps understand the murky and confusing world of buying and selling currency.

Until next time … just remember … it’s your money, don’t give it away for nothing.

PS: Remember to check out the great buy back rates we give when changing leftover foreign currency or your cash foreign currency.

Christmas Opening days 2013 and postal delays

Hi All

We shall be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then at New Year we are closed New Years Day and the 2nd January 2013.

Normal service in between Christmas and New Year (Thursday and Friday) and from Thursday 3rd January 2013, so any new bookings or emails shall be dealt with as soon as we can.

Hope you all have a Great Christmas and a Fantastic New Year.

Postal delays may still happen, but we think should get back to normal fairly quickly this year.

We have been advised by the Post Office that this should not cause any delays with the Special Delivery Envelopes coming back to us, as these are Guaranteed to arrive next day.

We may however have some delays with our envelopes reaching you.

We would ask, where possible, that clients select the Self Post option over the Xmas period to cut out the delay for our envelope arriving to you.

If you don’t mind a slight delay in your envelope reaching you, then its not a problem.

We will be as lenient as possible with our 4 Day Guarantee period and give extra days if we think you’ve been delayed.


Pound to Euro – Airport Buy Back Rates

Pound to Euro – Airport Buy Back Rates

Today, I was travelling from Edinburgh to Birmingham for a meeting and decided to check out the pound to euro exchange rates at Birmingham Airport to see how the compared live with SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk.

On arrival there was an American express bureau de change so I decided to take a picture of the exchange rate. As you can see below the Euro was being bought back by them for 1.3905 meaning, if you sell them 100 Euros you will get back £71.91 – get this number by dividing the amount in Euros by 1.3905.

As I headed to the train station I came across another money changer and their Euro buy rate was 1.3285, meaning 100 Euros will get you £75.27. The evidence is shown below.

Now, our head office is in Edinburgh so I went online to get the buy rate for SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk and the Euro buy back rate was 1.279 meaning 100 Euros would get you £78.18, which is £6.27 per 100 Euros, or 8.7% better than at the airport.

My conclusion?  The further you are from an airport the better the buy back rate you will get! Never ever sell your unused currency at an airport. Get as far away from them as possible.

When you are next at an airport why not take a picture of the exchange rate board and send it to us and we will put in online to name and shame them? Just tell us your name, email address, where and when the picture was taken and if you want you can enter the vendor name as well. If you are really lucky we will send you an M&S gift voucher

Until next time, hold on to your money! Over and out!

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