Pound to Euro – Airport Buy Back Rates

Pound to Euro – Airport Buy Back Rates

Today, I was travelling from Edinburgh to Birmingham for a meeting and decided to check out the pound to euro exchange rates at Birmingham Airport to see how the compared live with SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk.

On arrival there was an American express bureau de change so I decided to take a picture of the exchange rate. As you can see below the Euro was being bought back by them for 1.3905 meaning, if you sell them 100 Euros you will get back £71.91 – get this number by dividing the amount in Euros by 1.3905.

As I headed to the train station I came across another money changer and their Euro buy rate was 1.3285, meaning 100 Euros will get you £75.27. The evidence is shown below.

Now, our head office is in Edinburgh so I went online to get the buy rate for SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk and the Euro buy back rate was 1.279 meaning 100 Euros would get you £78.18, which is £6.27 per 100 Euros, or 8.7% better than at the airport.

My conclusion?  The further you are from an airport the better the buy back rate you will get! Never ever sell your unused currency at an airport. Get as far away from them as possible.

When you are next at an airport why not take a picture of the exchange rate board and send it to us and we will put in online to name and shame them? Just tell us your name, email address, where and when the picture was taken and if you want you can enter the vendor name as well. If you are really lucky we will send you an M&S gift voucher

Until next time, hold on to your money! Over and out!

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