Cheap Package Holidays Slash costs with late deals and haggling

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Booking a package holiday can slash the cost of going away, particularly if you’re heading to a popular beach destination. And we’re now in the summer ‘lates’ period, which means there’s less choice but heavy discounts as tour operators try to flog unsold flight seats and hotel rooms

This guide looks at when’s best to book, where to go and how to weigh up if all-inclusive is worth it, plus gives haggling tips to help negotiate the cost down even further.

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Winter holidays 2015


From classic ski breaks to Christmas markets and trips to see the Northern Lights

Glistening forests, sparkling lakes and the ground crunching underfoot … The annual fantasy of a white Christmas has added plausibility this year, with the coldest winter for 50 years forecast. For many of us, however, all too probable will be dreary skies, biting wind and slushy roads. No wonder some four million of us travelled abroad last winter. Winter bookings are up again, according to Abta, the travel association, and there is a vast range of holidays available.  Read more…

November is the cheapest month to travel – here’s where to go


Travel is all about supply and demand. If you run a hotel or an airline, you keep prices high when you know you can sell all your stock; and you cut them when you can’t. The one month when the travel industry consistently struggles to sell rooms and seats is November. Traditionally, most people just don’t travel between now and the first couple of weeks of December. As a result, it is the cheapest time of year to travel.

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Tips for travelling with children



Family holidays can be some of the best memories of your lives. It just takes a little forward thinking and advanced planning to steer your holiday from nightmare to wonderful. Minimise the screaming children, pulsating headaches, and tutting fellow passengers with these handy tips for travelling with children. It’s time to pack your bags, hustle the kids into the car, and enjoy a few weeks of quality bonding time…
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How travel can make your life better


Some of the greatest moments in your life are going to be those that take you out of your comfort zone. The moments that make you believe that life isn’t so hard and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Why should it? In the end, you’re not going to be thinking about everything that went wrong in your life. You’re going to be reliving those moments that made you feel alive and passionate about your life.

Traveling did exactly that for me! Although not all moments in my travels have been pleasant, the good always outweighed the bad.


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5 things to do in Europe when travelling

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Travelling Europe can be a great experience, as it has so much to offer to such a variety of tastes. With historical castles that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale, incredible works of modern art and architecture and beach destinations with unrivalled nightlife, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes in Europe.

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Adventures in the world’s deserts


Far from being featureless, deserts are fantastic for stargazing, exotic wildlife, ancient architecture and adventure

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Hiring a car on a holiday abroad?


We’ve heard countless complaints from readers of holiday car hire horrors, so here’s our guide to making sure you don’t get caught out when driving abroad

Rip-off insurance and sky high fuel prices have cast dark clouds over many family summer holidays and left them hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

Hiring a car for a family fortnight in the sun is fast becoming one of the biggest concerns for people heading to Europe.

10 tips for getting the best deal on insurance, fuel and more

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When does it pay to book a package holiday?


As research suggests independent holidays are falling from favour, Nick Trend considers when it’s best to pick a package

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Top Tips Save Money While Traveling


Making sure you don’t spend a lot of money while traveling can be a difficult thing. 

Between the cost of flights, accommodation, food, tours and other un-foreseen expenses, you just never know what to budget. 

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