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Yes, your verification pin is sent to your registered email address when you submit your new account. This is an automated process so please check your emails for your verification pin, as this is needed to fully activate you account.
If you have a spam filter activated, please check this folder as the email may have gone to this folder. Please then add SUYC to your contacts list. If you are using "YAHOO" , "AOL" or "HOTMAIL" as your email provider, we would point out that in some cases, your first email, which contains your activation pin, may take a while to arrive. This is a security feature of these providers but it only happens with your first email. If you have waited at least 2 hours without your pin arriving, then please contact us at admin@sellusyourcurrency.co.uk , message us through your contact us (while logged in) or phone us on 0131 659 5769.
Recently, gmail and googlemail started a new folder system for your emails. You may now have headings such as “Primary”, “Social” and “Promotions”. It may be the case that our email has gone to your “Promotion” folder. If this is the case, you can drag our mail across to the “Primary” folder and set this to allow all our emails to go to “Primary”. The folders setting can be completely removed if you wish in settings on gmail.
If you no longer need a booking, then just leave it and it will be removed within 45 days. If however, you want to re book because the rate has gone in your favour, we would advise not to re book the same transaction but simply ensure your delivery arrives to us AFTER your rate guaranteed period has expired. In these cases, the daily rate on the day your delivery arrives to us is used.
If you enter the wrong currency total, or find that you have miscounted, just email us through your "Contact Us" tab, while logged in and we will edit your transaction for you.
Using the "Back" button on your browser in the bookings page will make it look like your booking is not there, but it is. Please move to another page using the tabs provided, then got back to "My Bookings" page and you will see it restored.
Using the "Back" button/arrow on your browser is a problem on pretty much every website where you are say making payments or placing an order. You will often see notices asking you not to use the back button/arrow as the transaction or booking HAS already been saved to the database. We have programmed two warning notices on SUYC, so as long as you act on any notice advising on a potential double booking, then everything should work perfectly.
If you request that we send a secure envelope to you for sending your booked in currency back, you have 4 days from the day you booked in. If your 4 DAYS guarantee falls on, or includes a Sunday, this shall not be counted as one of your guaranteed days. If you have selected to make your own arrangements to send your currency back to us (self post), then you have a 3 day rate guaranteed period with a Sunday also not counting as one of your guaranteed days. Bank Holidays also do not count as a guaranteed rate day.
Yes, I’m afraid so. We need this to ensure we are sending your cheque to the right person at the right address.
Booked in currency that arrives later than the guaranteed date is given the rate for the day it arrives. This can sometimes mean that a better rate is given than originally booked, but also means it may be worse. To ensure you get the correct rate, just make sure you get it back to us within the guaranteed period.
If we are showing a rate for a currency, then we deal with the currency. We tend to deal with just the more commonly used currencies but we do add new currencies every so often.
The minimum booking value is £75 and the maximum is £2250 per booking. We want you to save money with your Sell Us Your Currency experience, so due to the cost of Royal Mail Special Delivery, it would not be a saving for you with a return value of under £75.
SUYC will take maximum £2250 worth of currency in any one booking, but will allow multiple bookings. Simply calculate the amount of your currency required to keep it just under the £2250 GBP value and repeat for additional bookings if required. Bookings that total more than £4000 may require some ID to be uploaded through your account. We will advise you if this is needed as it does depend on the type of currency.
If you would prefer to hand your currency to us directly, please contact us through your "Contact Us" tab (while logged in). We shall advise you on how to book in a large amount of currency through SUYC and advise you where to go with your currency. A "Hand Delivery" status update shall be issued to your booking, advising you where to go. These transactions are paid via cheque payment only and usually are completed within 10 minutes, while you wait. This service is only available at our Edinburgh branch.
Yes you can Hand Deliver. This option is useful if you have a large amount of currency or would rather not use the Royal Mail insured Special Delivery service.We would point out however that this service is presently only available at one branch in the Edinburgh area and must be arranged via request through your contact us tab (while logged in) or by contacting us on 0131 659 5769 ( Mon-Frid 9.30 – 5.30)
We accept any note size (EXTRA 5 EURO CHARGE FOR EVERY 500 EURO NOTE RETURNED) for any currencies that we deal with, just please remember that we don't accept any coins.
Once you have BOOKED IN your currency for return, you will have two options. Option One is that we will post out a secure envelope to you for your return. Option Two is that you Self Post by printing the returns slip and posting yourself. We would always advise the use of insured Royal Mail Special Delivery.
If you selected “Send my Envelope” option with your booking, you are emailed to say your envelope has been sent, only when it has been prepared and posted. All envelopes are sent out by Royal Mail First Class mail but on some occasions, the Royal Mail doesn’t manage to get it to you the next day. Bookings made after our postal times (Monday-Friday after 4pm and Saturday after 11am) shall not have a status change/email until the next postal day, when your envelope is actually sent out.
If you are NOT using one of our return envelopes, which will be sent to you if you’ve asked us to do so (default option), your currency should be sent to, SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk, Returns Department, The Cheque Shop Ltd, 50 - 52 High Street, Tranent, EH33 1HQ, with a copy of the returns slip which can be printed from your account. We would advise the use of Royal Mail Special Delivery insured to the correct value.
You may have a “pop up blocker” which is stopping your returns slip from showing. Please check your settings in tools > internet options and select “Allow Pop ups” for this site. If you still have problems then send us a message through your “Contact Us” tab (while logged in) or email us at tech@sellusyourcurrency.co.uk.
When printing your Self Post Returns form, please use the print icon located at the top left of the print screen ( just to the left of the printout header) and not the print feature on your browser, or by using "File" then "Print". If you are still having problems, then send us a message through your “Contact Us” tab (while logged in) or email us at tech@sellusyourcurrency.co.uk
Not a problem, once you have booked your return in through your account, just insert a note with your returns reference number on. If you forget, it’s not a problem as we have a copy of your return and we can match it to your returns senders address on your Special Delivery.
All currency deliveries are checked by two members of staff and are verified individually under CCTV. After the count has been confirmed, your currency shall be processed through various currency authentication devices to ensure that none of the currency is counterfeit. On passing this process, you shall be sent another email confirming all is correct and that your payment is being prepared.
No, we are sorry but we don’t accept coins, NOTES ONLY PLEASE.
Any coin returned is treated as an INVALID CURRENCY. In these cases, you will be sent an email explaining the process for their return back to you.
Notes that are defaced, badly damaged or out of circulation shall not be accepted. For the purpose of definition, badly damaged / defaced means part of the note is missing or it has been written on or covered in some way, making it unusable.
No, a Saturday is not deemed as a processing day but we can receive your return on a Saturday. Any Saturday arrival shall be collected on the Saturday and marked as received but will not be processed until the Monday or, in the case of Bank Holidays, the next business day.
Whether you select option 1 (we will send an envelope) or option 2 (self post), YOU will have to pay for the postage, but will be refunded if the calculated Sterling value of your return qualifies for FREE postage. Currently FREE postage applies if the sterling value is in excess of £400. Postage refunds are paid using the Royal Mail Special NEXT DAY service fee structure. If you are sending currency back on a Friday, please DO NOT pay for a Guaranteed Saturday delivery as normal NEXT day shall arrive and we are NOT able to refund the extra fee.
This is to ensure that in the unlikely event of a Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope going missing, you have the postage receipt which legally entitles you to raise a claim with Royal Mail, as you paid for the postage.
Yes, if the value of return is £400 sterling or over. The correct postage amount will be added to your payout for qualifying returns. Please remember to BOOK IN your currency first. Postage refunds are paid using the Royal Mail Special NEXT DAY service fee structure. If you are sending currency back on a Friday, please DO NOT pay for a Guaranteed Saturday delivery as normal NEXT day shall arrive and we are NOT able to refund the extra fee.
When sending your currency, we always use or advise the use of, insured Royal Mail Special Delivery, insured to the correct level. Special Delivery is treated extremely carefully by the Royal Mail, to ensure no losses occur.
No, you don’t have to but we would always advise that you use Special Delivery, insured to the correct sterling value. Remember, if you send back £400 (Sterling value) or more in currency, we will pay the relevant Special Delivery charge back to you. This is added to your payout total (or paid on a separate cheque).
If your return qualifies for free postage, which is any return with a sterling payout value of £400 or higher, we shall add the correct postage amount to your payout ( or issue a separate payment). Postage payouts shall be paid out in line with the current pricing for Royal Mail Special Delivery NEXT DAY service, insured to the value of your return.
As soon as we have verified your return, we shall issue a cheque (default payment method). This usually happens the same day, but on busy periods, it may take up to 24 hours. If you need your payment quicker, then try our BACS service. Details on "How to get a BACS payment" are detailed in "Terms" and also are on your "Booked In" email. Please check the other FAQ's to see if they give you the info you need on BACS.
Currently, our default payment method is by cheque, which is sent within 24 hours (or next business day) of receiving and verifying your currency return. Bank transfer may be requested via admin@sellusyourcurrency.co.uk or by using your “Contact Us” tab while logged into your account. We would point out that payment shall only be made to an account with the same name as your SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk account. Maximum daily BACS limit is £2250.
Once you have booked in your return you can request a BACS payment by sending us your name, booking reference number, sort code and bank account number. We would advise doing this by using the "Contact Us" tab while logged into your account. You can also tell us by emailing us the same details to admin@sellusyourcurrency.co.uk or by writing the details CLEARLY on your returns form sent with your currency. Once your request is received, you shall be emailed confirmation of your request and a new status code shall be noted on the transaction. The bank account name must match your account name on SUYC. We cannot take bank details over the phone.
Yes you do. If you require BACS payments, you will need to request a NEW BACS payment request for every NEW Booking. The reason for this is to ensure we are using the correct up to date account details, as sometimes people forget to tell us they have changed accounts. We find it better this way and it ensures no mistakes are made.
No. We only Buy Back currency online, sorry.
We believe that giving the best possible rates to our customers will ensure SUYC becomes the only place to go to sell your currency. With rates that beat the bank by up to 6% and up to 10% better than the post office, it really does show how much the rates are adjusted against you, the customer.
Buy back rates are available for most banks and the post office, but you really have to search to find them. This is probably because they are really poor, otherwise they would be easily found.
Yes. We have a Hand Delivery branch in the Edinburgh area. You can book in your currency at a fantastic buy back rate, then collect your cheque payment from the branch when you drop off your currency. This service needs to be pre arranged however. Please contact us, when logged in through your Contact Us tab or phone us on 0131 659 5769 with your request.
Absolutely not. We are registered data controllers, IT IS OUR LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS SAFE.
You can contact the SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk team (SUYC) by, Logging in and using your Contact Us tab in your account, emailing us at info@sellusyourcurrency.co.uk or by phoning our 24 hour answering service on 0131 659 5769. (If we are unable to answer immediately, please leave a message with your contact details and we will phone you back as soon as possible).
You should immediately raise a claim with Royal Mail, which is why it is imperative to insure for the correct value. Always keep your receipt from the Post Office as this is required for any claim.
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